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Getting Started

SenseShift is an open-source ecosystem of affordable VR/XR accessories, supported by the passionate community of makers and designed to be available to DIY by everyone.

Welcome to the SenseShift documentation website. Here you will find all available documentation regarding building, development, and other resources related to this project.


SenseShift is not a commercial product and support is limited. This project is in active development.
However, it is working for most users. You have to be willing to research and solve potential problems yourself.


SenseShift supports wide variety of hardware options. We have extensive guides for building your DIY accessories, as well as GitHub repository for more technical info.


Firmware is the main part of SenseShift project. This firmware is build with Arduino libraries and PlatformIO IDE, and designed to be extremely versatile and accessible for everyone at the same time. You can find the firmware in this GitHub repository

Community and support

Please join our discord for updates and any questions. We hope to see you there!

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